How you create a Logo; Design a logo for a company

Today will be going over what makes an excellent logo, and I will be showing you how to make one
a good logo is clean and straightforward.
Let's take a look at these guys.
They could be placed anywhere, and they could be small as a button and as large as you know
a billboard.
And also there are different colors as you can see, but they could just translate into straight black
or even like a grayscale.
The simpler your logo is, the better it will be.
And you can have many colors but just remember the more colors you have in your logo, the more it's
going to cost when you print it.
You also want to think about where this logo is going to be.
And in reality, you want to be everywhere you want it to be able to be embroidered on the pocket of a shirt
or stretched and placed against a car.
See if you have a good design for your business, you will have a better reason to back it and be excited
to go out and build your business.
Now, today I'm going to show you how to make a very simple design using a program called Corel Draw x6.
It's a great program, especially for beginners.
I've used it for my entire design career.
And the reason why I like it is that I don't have to use the pen tool as much and many designers
are afraid to use a pen tool because of the way it curves around.
But Corel Draw allows you to create the designs you want and the curves you wish to just by bending
a line.
For example, I can just click the line tool the freehand tool draw a line click shape tool right-click
to curve and just bend it anyway I want.
how+you+create+logo, cheap+logo,
It's a lot easier than using the pen tool.
Go ahead and delete the
I'm going to be designing for you today is for a company called Career Klawe
in a short career, Klawe is a company that helps you register for job sites like Monster and Career Builder.
This is what the final project product would look like, and it's a very very simple design.
And today I will be showing you the process taking your hand and teaching in the process of how I constructed
this using cURL draw.
And this is a high starting point because this is what you want to build your business around your
brand image.
So let's get started.
Six out of this.
No need to save that to open a new page go to file new and let's name it catalog logo preset custom
any size just as long as 72.
RG Because it's going to be export online and things like that.
And it's going to be just black and white so we could keep it simple preview mode enhanced to get the
the best view out of what you're making.
If you were to go to pixels, you'd be you'd see every pixel and then the wireframe is just the outline of
your entire image.
I'll get to that in a bit.
OK, so standard any size will do.
I just liked using the letter.
I usually build my logos off to the side anyways.
But it's a user preference.
So the first thing I like to do is I want to zoom in because if I'm zoomed out, I'm making the files
large, and it's just going to take up much memory on my computer.
So I'm going to zoom in.
You know it's pretty far actually but not too now because when it comes to we're making the resume and
we're doing the bumps with our keys we want to make sure we have a kind nice bump when we use
our arrows.
So let's start by doing this and creating
creating a rectangle.
This is going to be one of our resumes and the logo
So we created that just dragging click and I'm going to go the shape tour, and I'm going to give the
rectangle a bit of a curved edge.
Now all you need to do is just click once and drag on the black, and it should curve all the edges at
So lovely and easy for you
now select it and press the letter p p as a shortcode to center it directly on the page.
It's beneficial when you're just centering everything into your main page you're main
resume page.
So this with this centered zoomed in, we're ready to give it an outline.
So actually we're not going to give an outline we're going to fill it, so it's filled with black and
It is going to stay the same with.
So now that we have our first resume page let's give it some lines to make it look like there are are
lines were written on the page to make it look like a piece of paper.
So what I'm going to do here is I'm going just to click and drag holding shift to give it a straight
I'm going to drag across the front it doesn't you know half the size it now because we're going to the
center and just click there and give it a line.
Now it's black in the background.
And I want to have it white so I'm going to go down here to the line color and just go ahead and change
to white and give it more of a pixel with two to where I want to be.
That looks about right, but I'm going to give it one more bump.
And you can change the caps of your line, so I'm going to make them around and click OK.

All right.
So we have our line let's click it Press PSAP and center that back at center and in the image
or what's in this is well to
so that we have the center.
Let's go ahead and click on your line and press controlled d to duplicate the image.
Now since that doesn't center I'm going to press P again and centered over my previous line and now
I'm going to give it some spacing, so I'm going to bump it up.
Holding shift 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.
Put up around 10
and then I'm just going to keep doing that until I have a nice even
set of lines.
Let's go one more each.
I'm holding down shift when I'm making these lines to give it more of a bump if you just.
If you just bumped it once, it would give it a smaller bump.
OK that we have all the lines on the thing and they're all even Let's
select a small
and let's group them.
So they're all one entity.
So now that we have our first resume, I'm going to go ahead and fix it a little bit.
Among says, they're all selected I'm going to bump them down a little bit to give them more of a
margin up top.
And I think I'm going to change the width back from five to four.
Let's see how that looks and keep it like that and go ahead and just group everything.
Now look back to our original logo on it we have to get spaced out more, but we'll continue with this.
So with that selected in everything group, I'm going to go ahead, and press control d duplicate that
and we have them a bit tilted so to tilt something just click at once, and you know these arrows will
come out and holding downshift.
Now holding down control will give it more all given the ease and even tilt so you can tilt it 90 degrees
45 and I'm going to go ahead and tilt just like that
seeing the other side.
Now for some reason, it's a bit gritty So when I check and see
my view and it's unnormal normal it's just going to keep it a little bit pixilated.
I'll go this simple wireframe, as you can see.
Those are the lines.
That's the line of the rectangle, and then the wireframe is the same thing.
Usually, if there's if you'd have two boxes use you'd see the line on the inside as well.
But I'm going to go to enhance So everything is nice and smooth looking
The lines we created in the paper are just literally just lines in the the program we want to make them
an object because when they're an object and we make this big and small they're going to grow with the
object instead of staying the width of the line, which was four pixels.
So don't go ahead and ungroup both these and select my lines.
OK I got them, and we're going to go up to
a man and group them all first and convert the outline to object.
So now, all these lines object.
Now watch as I say make it bigger the line gets bigger.
So now go ahead and group them back together.
This set in this set just by selecting them.
If you end up selecting the whole thing with the black background, you can just hit shift and click
on that to de-selected and go ahead and ingroup those together.
And then once that's grouped we're going to group them with their paper father
so I'm going to go ahead and send these again and then slide it over.
It looks like the crossing one on top of each other.
Use my arrow keys to nudge them.

Now that I have that, let's build the frame around them the box.
We have a nice simple club box here for the obvious crane that's going to pick up the resumes and pick
So let's go ahead and create another rectangle around the two resumes.
My group does too in the center than
When you want to size something from the center hold downshift, and you're able to do that and it will
shift from the center point, and that's how it all sides itself.
So I bring it home to about their
and give it another curve.
and add some thickness to it
or make more than that.
It Looks about right.
Perfect question.
What's it like.
Now the reason why I choose to give it an outline instead of creating two boxes and cutting it out because
when you do them because when you do that and shrink it from the center it gives it a thicker
border up top and then it was on the side.
The outline gives it an even line.
Pretty much all the way around.
Now remember since this is an outline we have to convert it to curves to an object so that when we make
it big in large the line is not going to stay the same it's going to shrinking grow with what we do
with how we make it.
All right let's go back to their arr. Kurt outlined the object.
And now we it will grow with the size of our image.
So that we got the box done and the two resumes and sighed Let's go ahead and create the call
just a very simple design.
Ranged from rectangles
center it bring you to know what's good about yourself.
You go into view, and you go into snap too.
You could snap to objects guidelines based Langrigg document grid, and it helps when it when centering
objects so I could select the midpoint from this and drag it over to the midpoint of the club box.
And that helps instead of centering everything all the time or using a guide is nice too.
Using your guides
so you can just line everything up
for the center of the claw, I'm going to create two triangles.
Duplicate them and finish that way.
So let's start our polygon tool.
Now we want points or sides we want three because I'm making a triangle and let's not give it a

let's go there.
Think to get black
duplicated control sear control V or just control do you duplicate it.
And when you zoom in mind these
k are grouped together.
Center there maybe expands them a little bit.
All right
I want to create the claw hands the actual claw itself.
So many uses by
creating a line tool
giving that
more of an outline and giving it the circular line cap again going here.
Stipple that now I want to reverse this.
So I'm going to hold down Shift grab one of the sides and look like that
just think I'm going to center them both
select them both and drag them up so I can keep them on the same line.
I don't include them for Naprosyn case I select OK
I'm going to now create a box for the center of the claw just by using the line tool.
Nice and easy to connect a line tool.
You can click on the edges, and the little arrow would come up to show that it's connecting.
And I'm just going to connect it to the edge so that the two triangles that I joined in the beginning
and then it doesn't matter because I'm going to be blending it in any way so to make that perfect.
Now, these are two separate checks.
What I want to do is combine these so I'm going to select them both and go up here and welcome.
So it's going to turn them into one single big object.
What's ungrouped these guys.
Slide them over.
That I think they can be a little bit bigger.
So let's change the with these
May have been a little bit too much.
So something like well
OK maybe.
and let's create that center claw.

Now I'm going to fix just a little bit more as a claw clawing feel maybe make it a little bit larger.
Bring it down.
Bring it down a little bit more.
Just mess with it until you get that off the look you like.
It's really about you; it's your personal preference.
I think it looks about right.
And what makes it even better is that once you've completed and you finally have that product you like
you you're motivated to build it to keep growing.
Try to, and that can win a group.
These press people do a little trick and slide it back up.
OK perfect.
Give it a nudge
I also remember that these are lines.
So we want to go ahead and convert them to curves and group them.
There we go.
A group or where the guys are all grouped that one object that line of an object and one purpose.
Now that I have the main part of the logo done I'm going to fix it up a little bit
scene I've created I've turned this into curves now.
So when I if I were to make it smaller it would shrink at these two edges.
So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to go into the shape tool; and select the nodes.
Now these nodes are what make up the two curves in a line and then these two sides, and I'm just going
to use my shift key my arrow key and bumped them down a little bit.
So everything stays the same, and I'm able to move the claw the box smaller and closer to the resume's
and I could even bump each side in a little bit.
One two three I'm going to go three on that side the keys and shift one to three on that side.
And I still think it can be bumped down a little bit more
do for their
are OK perfect
Go ahead and Group that and then duplicate it.
Put it off to the side.
So any further changes we make to this we could always go back to a reference.
Now I'm going to go ahead and
block that little passageway with my line tool
and combine it with
the background.
That's all grouped I forgot

Now, these are still coloured; they're not transparent.
So let's go ahead and make these lines transparent.
So this image can be placed over anything over any colour, and everything will shine through all the white.
So let's start by grouping the saw.
So we have still in that group as well.
Now since these are objects and this and object we can do just a simple back minus front, but we have
the background of this still there.
So let's go ahead.
Before I take a step further, I'm going to save as souvenirs a logo in a folder.
It's good too to save throughout your work just in case anything happens like a power outage or your
the computer decides to freeze up on you.
It's good to save you know every minute or two especially if you do something wrong and you could
just revert to your saved file.
So now that we have that we want to make these lines clear see-through.
So to do that let's copy these lines right here.
And let's go ahead and select these two and two back.
Mine is from
what left.
That left us with is the lines cut through the other ones.
So if we were to pace it over and cut through the first résumé, we have just this one blocking our view.
So let's go ahead and reverse that and cut through this resume also back minus front
piece a one more time and do our main resume and we will have a more transparent background to show this.
We're going to create a blue rectangle range.
Changing the order of the object, I'm going to send it to the back of the page, and I'm going just to expand
it back there.
So we have our lines cutting through.
These are still here so let's select them and cut them through that one as well so that we have a clear

Go ahead
and put them together.
Now, all we need is the text to go underneath.
Go ahead use a text tool and type career call
and use all caps
Use the trick and bring it down using a shift key, so it stays on line.
When I do that I could just track it up and down without moving it or left and right
Click on these hold shift to resize
and let's find the font.
I think I used
Ledo on the old logo.
Know black artists
Center track it down and resize the text as much as you want.
Now a cool trick would be to go over into our text properties and changed the character spacing so we
could expand it or bring it closer together by moving it up or down on you've been nice and close
centered and bring it down.
And there you have it
your brand logo.