Graphics Design is my Passion: You should Know

Graphics Design is My Passion; the design is what I think in my mind.

If you're on the internet at all but especially if you follow artist’s, illustrators or other designers on social media like I do you've likely seen this meme floating around or at least a variation of it what's the joke here.


The joke is a blessing your sweet little heart keeps dreaming but your passion ain't helping you because this is a bad design. Now there's a reason this meme exists from my extensive research through dusty tomes and journeys to far-off underground magical libraries.

I've gained the secret inside knowledge that this meme basically was made by actual professional graphic designers poking fun, you can’t tell anybody graphics design is my passion and other people who think they can do their job graphic design better or at least as good as the pros.

If you're a graphic designer, you went to school for likely at least four but probably more years you know multiple theories of design in color and you've spent hours upon hours upon hours and Studios honing your talents just to have your middle manager who probably went to business school either say they don't like your design or to try and come up with something better.  Some folks in the business world don't appreciate the craft and skill of folks like artists and writers and that's kind of infuriating. So don't be that middle manager. On the other hand sometimes you're in a workplace that doesn't have a graphic designer and you who maybe failed in elementary school art class need to put something together that won't embarrass you and your whole team.

Today I'm going to help you learn how to avoid being this meme I've never been to art school but I have studied visual rhetoric as a part of both my undergrad and graduate work.  But I can say graphics design is my passion.  Well, I can't magic you into being an illustrator or an actual graphic designer especially not in like five minutes. I can at least help you learn how to execute a decent document design. I'm going to talk about two types of tools that feed into good document design. Principles of good design and the components to where you apply those principles. Let's start with the components and then get to the principles by components. I mean the things that makeup whatever medium you're designing with, If you're working with a print document that means the literal page if you're making a slideshow I mean the slides if you're making a website I mean the website. What goes on to a printed page well you can put images on there you can add colors you can put words on there in different shapes and sizes the same thing with slide Chisholm websites

Basically when you're designing something as you are working with each component you use the design principles to make choices about those components.

So let's get to the principles so you can see what I'm talking about now different design help books will talk about these principles in slightly different ways but I like to use the crap acronym as a mnemonic device to remember them because I'm super corny and I love to say use the crap principles of design to make your documents not look like crap.
 so which is crap stand for *contrast *repetition *alignment and *proximity okay what do each of those things mean
·        contrast means you make things look different
·        repetition means you make things look the same
·        alignment means how things line up on the page and
·        proximity means which things are close together or which things are far apart you want to balance


These elements with each other in order to have a decent looking design.
If you really think graphic design is your passion you need more practice. As a graphics designer, I can say graphics design is my passion because I follow all the principles. You should also follow them to create a professional design. We have tried to use the crap principles of design and try to make it better. If you can create a professional design then the designer can’t say you joke with designers. If you can’t follow the principles or can’t make it perfect then you should hire a professional graphics designer.